Holiday Greeting Card Special

As an artist I am inspired by the beautiful backyard birds that frequent my feeders. Especially the avian visitors who arrive in our deepest winters. New England winters can be quite severe...wind chills dipping to 40 degrees below zero and thick icicles covering our windows.

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On those bitter cold winter day, as I look out my studio window, the backyard birds are flitting about gathering seeds from my bird feeder and chirping merrily. There is nothing like the unworldly red of an American Cardinal against a stark gray and icy white backdrop, or the sharp contrast of our cute little Chickadees black cap and white breast.

Buy a set (or just one) of my Handmade Holiday Greeting Cards which feature paintings of backyard birds such as the American Cardinal, the Black Capped Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse and enjoy a 20% discount through this month.

Happy Fall!

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