Thinking of Spring - New Chipmunk Art

Spring Chippy 2013 Thumb
I am thinking Spring! Even though there are still vast snow drifts covering the landscape out my studio window and there is little sign of that delightful season, I know it's there waiting to emerge. I have Spring and Easter on the brain! Baby chicks, soft sweet bunnies, pastel Easter eggs......well...maybe just beyond the next early Spring storm. 

With Spring on my mind, I was inspired to complete this 5" x 5" India ink, colored pencil and watercolor painting of a little chipmunk. "Spring Chippy" is fresh from his winter burrow, a little hungry but happy and ready for the new season.
Spring Chipmunk Painting 

  Below is a step by step of "Spring Chippy"
Step by Step of painting 
"Spring Chippy" can be purchased via Etsy or on my art website

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