Backyard Birds of the Berkshires - A Tiny Art Series

I am always so inspired by the beautiful birds that frequent my backyard feeders! Especially here in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where the summer birds as well as feathered visitors that arrive in our deepest winters, spark my creativity. I am slowly creating a new series of small paintings (5" x 5" to 10"x 10") of our common backyard birds.

I'm fascinated with the idea of recreating old wallpaper designs to add a unique juxtaposition in my small paintings to the feathered jewels at my bird feeders. This American Goldfinch is the first effort in my new series. I'm not fully happy with the intensity of the background color in the original, so I altered the print version to represent my vision more closely.

American Goldfinch
Colored Pencil and Ink
Original and Prints Available Here

Summer in the Berkshires is brief, but spectacular. With sprawling lush-green country fields, bright-charming gardens, and vivid window boxes against the quaint New England homes. During our brief summers, I love the visual treasure of colorful birds alongside a backdrop of vibrant flowers. Then, winter in New England can be quite severe and it’s not unusual on a January day to have the wind chill dip to 40 degrees below zero with snow blowing and icicles covering the windows.Yet even on a day like that, when I look out my studio window, the backyard birds are flitting about gathering seeds from my feeder and chirping merrily. In addition to their cheery attitude, their colors are breathtaking! There is nothing like the unworldly red of the Northern Cardinal against a stark gray and icy white backdrop.

Stay tuned for more updates on this new series of small bird paintings as they emerge form my imagination.

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Teresa said...

I always love looking at your bird pieces! The old wallpaper design in the background is are such an inspiration. I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch. I will be dropping in to read your blogs more often. Love, Teresa

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